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Last Updated October 05, 2016
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 Fall 2016 Issue Piedmont cover


As we turn from tomatoes to turnips, cookouts to tailgates, search for pumpkins and corn mazes, walk the Midway at the State and county fairs, and (heaven help us) get ready for the holiday season, let's not forget one of the most important dates for the fall: Election Day.

The most important duty you can take on this fall is to vote! We would even forgive you for having fast food that day so that you can make it to the ballot box.

Who you vote for is a matter of your conscience and beliefs. We will not endorse any candidate, but instead encourage you to visit the websites of those running for office and read what they want to accomplish. It is your responsibility to be an informed voter. Google past positions and voting records if they are incumbents, and hit the newcomers, as well, for what they have brought to their communities and public service. Look past the spin: We've come to hate the overabundance of political "speak".

Few candidates have mentioned agriculture and the health, safety, and security of our food supply. We'll need to nudge those that win elections on that subject, and make sure they put it in the mix with homeland security, the economy, and health care.

We know this sounds like a given, but we, and through our government representatives, have got to figure out a way to work together towards a common good. It may take us, "we the people", to show our governments how to act, and we whole-heartily believe that our nature as Americas and humans can overcome the divisiveness that seems to surround us.

But first, we must vote.

-Fred Thompson, Executive Editor 
-Belinda Ellis, Senior Editor

Give Agritourism a Look This Fall

Pumpkin Patch
For celebrating picking apples and from corn mazes to pumpkin patches, N.C. agritourism farms are full of family fun this fall.

What’s In Season - Fall

Early fall is a great combination of the last of summer and the first of the cool weather crops. Look for bittersweet greens and root vegetables along with lamb and pork.

Spotlight on Beets

Beet salad with tomato and mushrooms
Besides being delicious, beets are too-often misunderstood veggies and are packed with nutrition from root to greens.

Mashed Turnips with Sage

Mashed Turnips with Sage
Even for turnip haters this is hard not to love.

Edible Ink

UNC Press has added two titles to its impressive and highly collectible set of single-topic Savor the South Cookbooks: Bacon by Fred Thompson, author of Southern Sides and publisher of this magazine,...

Biscuit-Topped Chicken Pot Pies

Biscuit-Topped Chicken Pot Pie
The fresher and more deliciously cooked the chicken, the better the pot pie, but we do not have to go so far as the cook in the nursery rhyme who arranged for “four and twenty blackbirds baked in a...

Slow Cooker Bacon Jam

Slow Cooker Bacon Jam
This is probably the ultimate in bacon cookery. It’s a wonderful savory spread for almost anything and a welcome holiday appetizer. Bacon Jam goes much further than just what the word implies. When...

Flying Pepper Captures the Taste of Piedmont in a Bottle

Chris Jude's Flying Pepper is a smart entry in the crowded flavored-vodka market.

Carolina Ground: A Micro Mill

A new breed of wheat and a new mill changed the way that we can get flour in North Carolina when a plant breeder released new varieties of wheat and a baker with a mission to get flour back in the...

Sweet Potato & Coconut Milk Waffles

Sweet Potato & Coconut Milk Waffles
Jennifer Lapidus says, “It’s totally that time of year for sleeping in past the alarm, stoking the wood stove, and heating up the waffle iron.”

NC Catch: Bringing Local Seafood from Local Fishermen to Your Table

Shrimp Catch
NC Catch provides additional financial support, resources and printed material, and manpower with one mission in mind - to educate the public about the importance of demanding local seafood.

Talk Turkey to Me

Talk Turkey To Me
As Thanksgiving comes near, here are some fun turkey facts
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